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Freelance Interpreter and Translator
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The price of a translation depends on the complexity, the subject matter, the length and the necessary time for its elaboration. If you wish to know the price for a translation you can call or send an Email, describing the subject matter and the length of the text. The best is, if you can send us the entire text per e-mail or Skype. Translations Raliza answers you immediately about the price of the translation.  
 The price of an interpreter service is variable and depends on the type and the time period, the interpreter is engaged. You can inquire about the price of an interpreter service by calling or sending an e-mail with the description of the interpreting type you need, the subject matter and the time.


English, German, Spanish, Bulgarian


Translations Raliza undertakes to keep strict confidentiality on all received materials

Translations Raliza is a guarantee for high quality service in an efficient time manner




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