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Translations Raliza offers you different types of interpreting services to adapt to every situation, circumstances and subject matter.

  • Simultaneous interpreting – The interpreter translates the speech at the same time as it is spoken. This kind of  interpreting  is used at congresses, conferences and in general at events where the audience does not  share a common language.
  • Consecutive interpreting –The interpreter translates the speaker’s speech step by step, using the pauses, made by the speaker for this purpose. This kind of interpreting is typical of meetings, interviews and in general, events where the audience speaks a common language, which is different from the speaker’s.
  • Liaison interpreting – This kind of interpreting is usually used as a link between two people or small group of people who speak two different languages. In this case the interpreter needs to know both languages very well and interprets in both directions.
  • Whispering interpreting – This is a simultaneous interpreting with the difference that in this case the interpreter is sitting close to his customer and translates for him in low voice, whispering into his ear. This kind of interpreting is used when only one or two persons of a group don’t speak the same language as the rest of the group.
If you are not sure, which kind of interpreting is the most suitable for your case, describe us the situation and we will advise you for free.

English, German, Spanish, Bulgarian


Translations Raliza undertakes to keep strict confidentiality on all received materials

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